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Pressure Washing Service

We're ready to help take the pressure off of you with our residential and commercial pressure washing service. We are fully trained and equipped to handle all different types and size projects, from sidewalk cleaning to a large building soft-wash, we'll make sure your place is sparkling when we're done!

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Residential Pressure Washing

Whether the in-laws are coming for the weekend, you've got a big party planned or you're planning on placing your home on the market, pressure washing your home is a great, affordable way to make a big impression. Many homeowners are surprised at howafter we've pressure washed their home!


"Responded to my request immediately and gave me a quote over the phone which avoided setting up an extra appointment. The men were prompt, courteous and thorough..I would definitely use this company again"

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Proper pressure washing requires more than just a pressure washer, that's why we always have on hand the proper tools to handle each individual job.

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Pressure washing can be risky business if you don't know what you're doing, so we ensure that each of our techs are fully trained and experienced in proper pressure washing techniques.

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We always put safety first, not only the safety of our technicians but also the safety of you and your home, placing proper signage when necessary and protecting your home from potential water damage.

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Do We Clean Everything at Full Blast?

Sunnyside has the experience to know what needs pressure and what does not. Typically you will not need to use a lot of pressure on non-porous surface but you will need significant pressure to clean concrete. The right pressure coupled with the right cleaning solution provides an efficient service that lasts. Make sure your pressure washing contractor is experienced and can deliver a safe cleaning.

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Soft Washing

Have you heard of soft washing? Perhaps you've wondered "what is this new phenomenon?" Well its actually not that new. Softwashing refers to cleaning something with very low pressure and letting the cleaning solution do the heavy lifting. It has become a popular method of cleaning building exteriors that have algae or other growth to avoid damaging paint seals, and finish commonly found on walls, tile and wood. Sunnyside uses this method when appropriate to ensure your property is cleaned in the safest possible way.