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Fall Protection

Whether your building is in the planning stages or a historic downtown high rise, you will have many types of maintenace to consider. In order to perform high-access maintenance your property must be fitted with the proper fall protection system to ensure the safety of those working on your building. We have decades off experience helping property managers develop and inspect their fall protection systems and we would be glad to help you as well.


Design and Inspection

Sunnyside can provide everything you need for your fall protection system. We design custom layouts so you can see the type and location of appropriate anchors. Our engineers make sure the system is efficient and consistent with Osha regulations. Beyond installing anchors we can inspect existing systems for proper load. This typically involves conducting pull tests to 5000 lbs as well as providing documentation.  When the project or inspection is complete we will provide a stamped engineer design.

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We use the proper tools to ensure your system is suspension ready. This means our equipment is maintained and up to date with industry standard procedures.

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We have been providing fall protection services for over a decade. Whether your building is old or new we can help make it safe.

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We prepare and inspect Fall Protection Systems according to the standards set by Osha, allow with the individual property needs.

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High Access Work

We not only design fall protection systems but we use them as well. We are equipped and experienced in chair and platform work and would love to help you with your next project. Give us a call if you are in need of quality window cleaning or pressure washing work performed at height.

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Roof Safety

As the skyline continues to grow so does the need for strict safety enforcement. The problem is, many roof are old and not built to code and many companies have resigned to performing high access work despite having a proper fall protection system in place. This is risky for them and for you. Make sure the next company you hire to perform maintenance at height is following local regulations to ensure their safety. If not, someone could be hurt and your property could be facing significant regulatory action.
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